Xiaomi MI3 TD Review



The display is another solid plus for Xiaomi. The first time I turned the phone on I was almost sure I was looking at an Amoled panel, because of the strong and intense colors. However, the white is white (not blueish) so it was not hard to realize that we are talking about a good quality IPS, with top notch specs – 5″, 1920×1080, 441 ppi.

There is a catch, however. Due to the amount of power needed to feed the Tegra 4 beast, the brightness had to be dimmed a little, so the battery life would still be satisfactory. Because of this, we have a relatively low white point (243 cd/m2) but the black levels are very good (0.29 cd/m2), so in the end the contrast is not that shabby.


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