Xiaomi MI3 TD Review



Well, I have to take my hat of in front of Xiaomi Mi3 TD, the phone that has no weak point besides the fact that it can sometimes get pretty hot. Every aspect of the phone is truly high-end, from the slick design, to the photo camera, display, battery life but most important – performance. I would not hesitate to make Xiaomi Mi3 mi daily-use phone and I think that Mi3 can give Samsung, HTC, Lg or Sony a run for their money.

Of course, the phone is as much a succes both in Tegra 4 and Snapdragon 800 version, but I have to congratulate Nvidia on the fact that they managed to produce such a powerfull chipset, but also slap them on the wrist for coming too late to the market with it. I would have liked to see more Tegra 4 smartphones on the market, especially when Snapdragon 800 series is powering most 2014 flagships and Intel are cooking some serious things in their labs.

Unfortunately, the TD version is only available in China for China Mobile customers for …330 USD (yeah, I know, let’s move to China), while the Snapdragon version will have a 489 USD price tag, and I might say it will worth every penny. Xiaomi Mi3 can take on some of the biggest names of 2014, and it does it with style!


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