Xiaomi MI3 TD Review

Battery life


When it comes to battery life, we are using our own app LAB501 Battery Life in order to obtain results that can compared with other phones over a long period of time. All our battery life tests are done with WiFi ON and the brightness set to 100%. This scenario does not reflect how the phone will perform in daily use, because every user has a different behaviour, but it gives us the ability to compare how different smartphones perform while running a 720p video and playing a game.

Xiaomi managed to balance the power of Tegra 4, the brightness of the screen and the capacity of the 3050 mAh battery, so the battery life is actually pretty good for a heavyweight. The phone does however get pretty hot while gaming (49.9 oC in the hottest spot). In the end, there is allways a price to pay for great power…

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