Xiaomi MI3 TD Review

Xiaomi Mi3


For those who do not know, Xiaomi is a China based corporation, founded in 2010. Unlike most of the successful chinese companies that got their success by flooding the market with a huge number of affordable devices sold in large quantities, Xiaomi had a completely different approach from the beginning.
They focused on improving user experience, by launching the Xiaomi phones and the MIUI ROM. The MI from the logo stands for Mobile Internet, but also Mission Impossible, because the company wanted to offer a high quality, high-end phone that can compete with the biggest names on the market.
Models like Xiaomi Mi2 or Xiaomi Hongmi confirmed the expectations users had, and MIUI ROM makes the whole package look even better. After all, the sole purpose of Xiaomi is to fully satisfy the desire of it’s customers. Taking this into consideration, it is not so hard to understand why the different business model (selling a limited number of devices to those really interested) had a huge success. For instance, on Nov 5th 2013, Xiaomi released 100.000 Xiaomi Mi3 TD on the market. They were sold in 4 minutes and 42 seconds…
If you are still not convinced about these guys, let me tell you that the company’s value is estimated at around 10 billion USD. Also, last summer the Xiaomi team got a very important addition in the person of Hugo Barra (Google Vice President of Android), who left the giant from Silicon Valley to join the Xiaomi crew…
But enough about the company. We are here to discuss their latest product, Xiaomi Mi3. This product was launched in two flavors – the TD version, powered by Tegra 4, which is dedicated to the clients of China Mobile, and the WCDMA version, based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, that is built for the international market. Pay attention if you want to buy this handset, because the TD version will not work in Europe.


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