A visit to the Enermax Lab in Hamburg – 6 PSU tested

Platimax 1350W Results


One can easily see that Platimax 1350W boasts top of the line electronics. The measured ripple noise is extremely low, even when we apply two levels of Overload on the PSU: 1631W (20%) and 1799W (33%). Wait… what? Yes, you read right… Platimax 1350W could deliver 1800W without any problems, stability issue and the ripple noise were unbelievably small for such a load .

We can notice the rock-solid electronics design also by judging the 2.75% variation between the lowest and the highest +12v rail voltage. I can say that I’m really impressed by that! If Lepa G1600 delivered smoothly 1755W, Platimax 1350W exceeded all expectations and managed a clean and stable 1800W… maintaining also a 88.64% efficiency.

Efficiency obtained at 20% and 100% loads complies with the 80PLUS Platinum standard, in contrast the 50% load test attained only 92.48% efficiency instead of >94% as specified by the standard. I changed the parameters, varied the settings but I couldn’t get more, maybe it’s a problem of the test sample or maybe the 80PLUS organization measures differently. Anyway, the efficiency is enough but I felt the need to point out this issue.

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