TP-Link Archer C2 AC750 Wireless Router & Archer T4U AC1200 USB WiFi-Adapter

Performance – LAN-USB-WiFi


Beside the methodology described on the previous page, I’d like to add that in the WiFi-to-Wi-Fi test I’ve used the WiFi Archer T4U adapter on the desktop (connected to an USB 3.0 port). This way, the router was placed in the same spot as the other routers tested by us, and the measurements were done at one meter away from the router (P1), 10 meters plus a structure wall (P2), 20 meters and two structure walls (P3).

I’ve tested the router’s speed from WiFi-to-LAN, WiFi-to-USB/FTP, WiFi-to-WiFi in all the measurement points and LAN-to-LAN using UTP CAT6 cables between a desktop and two notebooks. Of course, in the wireless tests I’ve also measured the signal strength. LAN tests were done on a desktop equipped with an onboard ethernet card Realtek RTL8168D Gigabit and on a MacBook Pro (late-2013). For the Wi-Fi tests I’ve used the same MacBook Pro that has support for the 802.11ac wireless standard.

For the USB tests I’ve used a Corsair Flash Voyager USB 3.0 and an A-DATA USB 2.0 NH92 external hard-drive for results validation. For all tests I’ve used the iPerf3 application and a test video file of ~1GB (1013 MB) when the use of iPerf3 wasn’t possible, and the cables used where CAT6. I’ve used the command line for receiving – sending data and for measuring the average transfer rate. The signal strength of the wireless network was tested with the help of the InSSIDer application.

Test results can be found in the two charts down below and I don’t think they need any further explanations. We can notice the fact that we have reached good transfer rates from and to flash-drive/external HDD connected to the USB port. Also, it’s worth mentioning the LAN-to-LAN speed of 908 Mbps (or 113 MB per second) and the WiFi speed using the 5 GHz band in P1 (1-3m) and P2 (10-13m). The only weak aspect is the signal strength that does not suffice for a connexion at 20 meters away from the router (and two structure walls).

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    1. chamith wrote on:

      dear sir please help me . I bought archer c2 wireless router . but I Dont know . how to use it with my tablet I mean . I need install router to my tablet to change the password and 5 GH please help me . thanks

    2. chamith wrote on:

      also I went tplink emulater and I run quick setup and after it appeared .’ your device not connected to wan . please help me

      1. chamith – look in the users manual and find the ip for configuring the router (something like Enter that address in your browser, use the credentials “admin” “admin” and set up your router

      2. chamith wrote on:

        thanks you very much sir think about . and what is the correct method to reset the router . I push the reset button and hold it its all button light up same time and its off all button first one remain . and I switch off and on . I push several time reset button one by one on . but router now very slow . please help me

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