TP-Link Archer C2 AC750 Wireless Router & Archer T4U AC1200 USB WiFi-Adapter



The testing methodology is the same for all routers, regardless if they are compact or standard so as to compare as good as we can between different brands and router models. After a careful analysis I’ve realised that there are two essential elements to pay attention to when it comes to the performance of a wireless router: signal strength measured in decibels, and the speed achieved, measured in MB/s.

For the first test, the one regarding range, I have set a fix point in a room for the router and proceeded with three measurements at different distances in order to determine the decibels level. And since replicability is one of the most important factors for us, considering that we will be testing more routers, from different manufacturers and with different specifications, we will test its range from a fixed router position and also a fixed position of the 3 measurement points (P1 – 1m; P2 – 10m; P3 – 20m).

The building where we made the measurements is made out of bricks and concrete, with spread out sandwich-type metallic structures.


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    1. chamith wrote on:

      dear sir please help me . I bought archer c2 wireless router . but I Dont know . how to use it with my tablet I mean . I need install router to my tablet to change the password and 5 GH please help me . thanks

    2. chamith wrote on:

      also I went tplink emulater and I run quick setup and after it appeared .’ your device not connected to wan . please help me

      1. chamith – look in the users manual and find the ip for configuring the router (something like Enter that address in your browser, use the credentials “admin” “admin” and set up your router

      2. chamith wrote on:

        thanks you very much sir think about . and what is the correct method to reset the router . I push the reset button and hold it its all button light up same time and its off all button first one remain . and I switch off and on . I push several time reset button one by one on . but router now very slow . please help me

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