Team LAB501 takes GIGABYTE Z97X-SOC Force to 7GHz

With all this talk about Devil’s Canyon and Pentium Anniversary we thought that it would be refreshing to take a break from our serious work (you’ll see more about that the following days) and give our old Intel Core i7 4770K a try on LN2. After all we have been using the old chap for more then a year to test graphic cards and stuff like that, so why not give it a try on LN2?

That being said, we took GIGABYTE Z97X-SOC Force for a ride on Haswell memory lane, and what do you know…we were pretty impressed with both the CPU and the board. The CPU because it has an enormous potential, and the motherboard because it behaved as an overclocking motherboard should – straight to the point and with no issues.

We would also like to state one very clear fact – no binning was involved in reaching this frequency. We didn’t buy 200 CPU’s to choose from, we just used the CPU we usually use on our testbed for various articles. And… ~25 minutes after we mounted the rig, 7GHz were right there in front of us!!! We will be back with more results (after all this was just a pretest on Win 7 x64), until then we will let you enjoy the pictures of “no binning team” at work.


 Test platform
CPUCore i7 4770K
RAMCorsair Dominator Platinum 2400 CL9
VGAGalaxy OC Fish
CoolingSF3D Inflection Point + Gelid GC Extreme
SSDIntel SSD 730 240GB
PSUSeasonic P1200
CaseDimastech Benchtable Easy v2.5
Ambient temp25 oC


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8 comments la: Team LAB501 takes GIGABYTE Z97X-SOC Force to 7GHz

    1. Imdadul Haque Munna wrote on:

      Holy Shit !!!

    2. Darco wrote on:

      Sweet mother of Jesus!!!

      Felicitari baieti!

    3. Darco wrote on:

      P.S.: nu incercati si pe XP? Din ce spune lumea pe forumuri, win 7 obtine cu aprox 100 mhz mai putin fata de XP

    4. Monstru Post author wrote on:

      This was just warming up 😉

    5. Gameru wrote on:


    6. Bene wrote on:

      Interesant experimentul:)

    7. Wait till it warms up. Everything will be wet ^^

    8. Monstru Post author wrote on:

      Yeap, and the solution for that is called vaseline 🙂


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