Team LAB501 destroys DreamHack Masters Bucharest 2014

DreamHack Masters 2014

No, no, don’t get scared, Matose didn’t go beserk and he didn’t really destroyed DreamHack, this is just a figure of speech for what we did there, from an overclocker’s point of view. But hey, we are not in a hurry, so first let me properly introduce DreamHack Bucharest to you guys. I am sure you all know that 20 years ago, in a small town in Sweden, 40 students battled in a fierce lanparty, which was called “DreamHack” for the first time just then, in 1994. I don’t think I have to explain to you what DreamHack has become in the meantime – the biggest LanParty in Europe and one of the biggest in the world, attracting over 25000 people with each edition, not to mention some of the biggest names in the e-sports world.

Well, it so happens that DreamHack doesn’t take place only in Sweden anymore – you can also go to DreamHack in Moscow, Valencia and… Bucharest! With the involvement of Computer Games Online, DreamHack took over Bucharest since 2012, and until 2014 it was organized once a year, in the spring. Well, this year we had a surprise, when the organizers announced that they will also hold a winter edition, called DreamHack Masters Bucharest 2014.

Since we participated in every edition of the Romanian DreamHack, it was pretty clear for us that we have to prepare something quite extreme for this winter edition – after all, we are LAB501. For that purpose, we teamed up with our good friends HyperX and GIGABYTE, in order to make the crowd scream once again. Did we make it? Well… I think that is a pretty easy guess, isn’t it… Let’s see…


HyperX | GIGABYTE | MediaDOT

As you know we are not writing about gaming (that’s the job of our colleagues from NIVELUL2) and we don’t usually cover gaming events. So even if I enjoyed DreamHack this year (twice!) I will not go into details about the whole show. I can tell you that they had a lot of professional gamers on site, competing in DOTA 2, LoL, Hearthstone and CS: Global Offensive, and also some international superstars that took part in this edition. Of course, there was a Cosplay tournament, and all the companies that had stands in DreamHack organized live tournaments (mostly LoL) for the public.

As usual, we were located in the HyperX stand, together with MediaDOT and GIGABYTE. The guys from MediaDOT organized 2 LoL torunaments (32 persons / tournament) with nice prizes and GIGABYTE brought four demo systems (for the delight of the audience) where the name of the game was World Of Tanks. From Core i7 4770K, GIGABYTE Z97X-SOC and HyperX Fury DDR3 kits (all hosted by InWin X-Frame and cooled by Noctua NH-D15), to mini ITX PC’s built in InWin D-Frame Mini, all the way to the juggernaut Core i7 5960X, GIGABYTE X99SOC Force and HyperX DDR4 Predator, the demo systems were a delight to the audience, many of them seeing such powerful beasts live for the first time.

There was another surprise in the stand for the eager gamers – the guys from NaVi were on site to sign autographs and talk to the fans (yes, Dendi included). So you might say that the HyperX stand was pretty appealing this year (as always). Well, I have the utmost respect for gamers, I love hardware and the powerful and colored systems GIGABYTE brought…but… that is not why we went there. Do you see where I am going with this? Yes, you know what I am talking about…








Masters of Clock

Yes, you guessed it…we went there with 140L of LN2, determined to entertain our audience, have a great show, but also take our monster Core i7 4770K to the limit. For that, we armed ourselves with some very special HyperX DDR3 memory, a matching HyperX Fury SSD, and of course, the overclocker’s dream, GIGABYTE Z97X-SOC Force LN2. Yeah boys, THAT motherboard… the Z97 queen!

Of course, we also used our trusty Seasonic P1200, the EKWB SF3D Inflection Point to cool the CPU, and the Triple Point Evo for the RAM, and of course, the Galaxy OC Fish “Romanian” Edition as a video card.

Ah…and I almost forgot… do you remember our 4770K that can hit 7GHz? Yes, we used that one also… But what you will see on the next page is done with his brother…Yes, he has a brother. Yes, we have it. And yes…it clocks…. high!!! How high? Turn the page!

















Release the beast

We started slowly with the CPU-Z validation, to see what our second chip can do. First time we stopped at 6.7GHz, but after a remount, nice things started to happen…like the fact that we saw 7102 MHz on the screen!!! Of course, the next logical step was SuperPi 1M, which went very smoothly at 6796MHz, giving us the Haswell SuperPI 1M record!!! The last step of the overclocking session was a bit more complicated, because we had to really push the HyperX memory to the limits in order to get .. The World Record in PiFast!

Of course, we also ran some very quick Cinebench and SuperPi 32M results, nothing tweaked, just some preliminary testing in order to see how high the CPU can go. The results were pretty nice (11th place in global rankings for Cinebench R15, 12th place in global ranking for Cinebench R11.5 and 12th place in global ranking for SuperPi 32M) but those are just some quick runs without any tweaking, so nothing to brag about really.

We leave DreamHack behind with a very strong feeling in our heart… we have neglected benching for a while, due to various reasons (reviews, TV shows, hardware launches, etc)… But now, we finally started to shake the dust of time from our shoulders…to open our eyes and look around… This is just the beginning. The beast has been tamed, the potential is there, but we have yet to release the Kraken… Stay tuned…LAB501 is back!








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