Team LAB501 destroys DreamHack Masters Bucharest 2014

Release the beast

We started slowly with the CPU-Z validation, to see what our second chip can do. First time we stopped at 6.7GHz, but after a remount, nice things started to happen…like the fact that we saw 7102 MHz on the screen!!! Of course, the next logical step was SuperPi 1M, which went very smoothly at 6796MHz, giving us the Haswell SuperPI 1M record!!! The last step of the overclocking session was a bit more complicated, because we had to really push the HyperX memory to the limits in order to get .. The World Record in PiFast!

Of course, we also ran some very quick Cinebench and SuperPi 32M results, nothing tweaked, just some preliminary testing in order to see how high the CPU can go. The results were pretty nice (11th place in global rankings for Cinebench R15, 12th place in global ranking for Cinebench R11.5 and 12th place in global ranking for SuperPi 32M) but those are just some quick runs without any tweaking, so nothing to brag about really.

We leave DreamHack behind with a very strong feeling in our heart… we have neglected benching for a while, due to various reasons (reviews, TV shows, hardware launches, etc)… But now, we finally started to shake the dust of time from our shoulders…to open our eyes and look around… This is just the beginning. The beast has been tamed, the potential is there, but we have yet to release the Kraken… Stay tuned…LAB501 is back!








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    1. GreuHip wrote on:

      Nice work!
      We are waiting to see you on the podium.

    2. Monstru Post author wrote on:

      we are not that good players 😛

    3. A big hip hip hooray for LAB501 team.


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