Supermicro C7Z87-OCE Review

Final thoughts

I can say that I’m very happy to see new players in the consumer motherboard segment, because competition is always good. In terms of build quality, compatibility and out-of-the-box performance, Supermicro C7Z87-OCE can compete and exceed many of today’s players in the consumer market.

Regarding overclocking, on the other hand, I can say Supermicro’s first attempt is “ok” as they still have a lot of BIOS optimizing work to do, especially regarding memory training and auto-rules for voltages and power limits. You can find the C7Z87-OCE at a price of $250 which can be justified by the dual Intel Gigabit LAN and Thunderbolt features, and also by its build quality and 3 years warranty. If we talk strictly about overclocking, this motherboard is more expensive than the Gigabyte Z87X-OC or ASRock Z87 OC Formula, which are far better optimised for overclocking and guarantee much better results.

In the end I can say that it’s a good start for Supermicro and I can’t wait to test their new Z97 based motherboard which has a new UEFI BIOS and supposedly improved overclocking capabilities. I couldn’t recommend C7Z87-OCE for overclocking, but I would suggest it without a second thought if you’re looking for a moderately overclocked daily-use PC and you care about reliability and stability coming from a brand with vast experience in the server market.


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    1. roguesmci wrote on:

      Nice, when will you review C7Z97-OCE ?

      1. matose Post author wrote on:

        When we will receive it 🙂

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