Review: Team Zeus 8GB DDR3 1600MHz CL9 & Team Xtreem 8GB DDR3 2800MHz CL12

Team Xtreem 8GB DDR3 2800MHz CL12

If the first kit we looked at was aimed at overclockers on a budget, this kit is targeted at those of us that are truly dedicated to overclocking. With a default frequency rating of 2800MHz and 12-14-14-35, our Team Xtreem kit is for those that plan on exceeding the 3000MHz barrier, making the investment in such a binned kit not that attractive.



The package is identical to that of the lower end kit we presented earlier, but for a high-end kit one would expected something different, something that hints toward, or compliments, the special parts inside. The modules are covered with a massive aluminium heat spreader, boasting a white colour theme that contrasts with the black PCB of the modules.

In order to run at this frequency, the modules employ an 8 layer PCB which is equipped with 8GB worth of carefully picked Hynix MFR ICs, only 8GB because they can be mounted on just one side (single-sided).



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