Overclocking at Computex 2014

The guys at GSkill have been supporting live overclocking for 3 years now – usually they have what they call the “OC Record Stage”, where guys from vendor teams are invited to bench and break world records on stage. This year they invited guys from ASUS (Coolice & Elmor), ASRock (Nick Shih & Splave), EVGA (Kingpin), GIGABYTE (HiCookie, dinos22 and sofos1990) and MSI (Pt1t). They also had their own overclockers there (Hiwa, Young Pro and Vivi). It is also worth mentioning that Seasonic was a partner of GSkill’s OC show.

Besides the record stage, there was also something pretentiously called the World Cup, featuring 6 overclockers (der8euter, Splave, ZeRO_Dan, Hero, Xtreme Adddict and 8Pack). The competition was won by Splave, followed by 8Pack and Xtreme Addict.

I think it took lots of skills from the guys to win this (it was held live during 5 days and you can imagine how stressful that is) and the prize for the first place is also impressive for the overclocking world (10000 USD), but if GSkill wants to be worthy of the name “OC World Cup” they should invest more, because 6 people do not make a world wide overclocking competition. Also, the 6 guys that competed there deserve our greetings and cheers, because they had to pay for their own flight and accommodation!







Video material from OverclockingTV

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