Overclocking at Computex 2014

It all started with Intel OC Challenge 2014, a free to join event organized by Intel. There were no qualifiers, no sponsored trips, and… not only extreme cooling involved! Actually, I think the air/water cooling category prizes were even bigger then the ones you would get for the LN2 category!

I think Intel played a very smart card with this and going back to the roots (air cooling) will attract much more people to the game, since many of the original overclocking fans stopped doing it after being disappointed for not being able to compete against extreme overclockers who also got sponsored by various vendors. We’ll have to wait and see what the long term results are, but this is an idea with huge potential.

At the event in Computex there were two type of rankings – OC Challenge and Amateur OC Challenge. For the OC challenge, teams from vendors got into the competition – ASUS, ASRock, EVGA, GIGABYTE and MSI. There were many different trials, both on LN2 and air-cooling. On LN2 GIGABYTE managed to get the highest CPU clock 4c8t, the highest CPU clock 1c and the highest DDR frequency. ASUS got the best XTU and the best HWBot Prime results, while ASRock got best Cinebench and MSI got best WPrime 1024M.

In the air cooling category, MSI got the highest 4c8t CPU clock, ASRock got the best XTU, EVGA got the best WPrime 1024M and ASUS got everything else. At the end of the competition, Team ASUS (smoke, slamms, Elmor and XtremeAddict) got first place in 6 of the 14 benchmarks, GIGABYTE (HiCookie, dinos22, sofos1990 and sin0822) got 3, Asrock and MSI 2 and EVGA 1.

The Amateur OC Challenge also looked nice, with Zzolio, CherV and Rookie_JR taking the first 3 places in the top.












All the pictures from this page are courtesy of our friends from OverclockingTV. You can also watch the whole event recorded by OCTV.

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