One Plus One Review – The 2014 flagship killer

Final thoughts


So…we have reached the end of our review and we have to sum it up. Stylish smartphone with premium feel? Check. High-end performance? Check Good camera with advanced functions? Check. Well… then it should be pretty simple – we have a winner.

If we analyze phones just by ticking boxes on a list that would be the conclusion. However, One Plus One does more than simply tick some boxes. On one hand, we have a really high attention to detail – the USB cable is very special, the pin has its own rubber casing, we have a third mic for noise cancelling and a cinematic 4K shooting mode so on.

And it does not stop here, because this is when “the bomb” comes – normally, the 16GB version should cost 299 USD while the 64GB version should cost 349 USD. And this is very important because offering such a package for such a price is something you don’t see very often.

So all is wonderful and One Plus One is the supreme smartphone, right? Well…not so fast… because behind all these marvelous things there are also a few caveats. Personally I do not mind the lack of transparency (the fact that One Plus is owned by Oppo only surfaced a few weeks ago). But I do mind one thing – availability… or better said… the lack of availability.

When it comes to smartphones we cannot talk about paper launches (like we do in the hardware business) because all manufacturers first announce their product and only then release it in the stores. And the “invitation only” strategy was one of the key selling points of One Plus One. But… when the 16GB version should cost 299 USD and you cannot purchase it from One Plus’s website but you can find it for 399 USD on various chinese websites…Then we have a problem. And when they take like 3-4 weeks to send the product to their international buyers, we have another problem.

In the end, it would seem that the marketing strategy One Plus used for this launched worked even better then they expected. And for this reason, the company cannot honor all their orders at the moment. And if One Plus wants to become a major player and the investors from OPPO want to multiply their investment, than this issue should be solved as quick as possible.

Leaving availability and also borrowing some AMD slogans like Never Settle aside, I can say that we have tested one of the most powerful, stylish and interesting smartphones launched in 2014. One Plus One can compete without any problems with big names like Galaxy S5, LG G3, HTC One M8 and Xiaomi Mi3. And honestly speaking, I would like to see them solving their availability issues, because the public reaction showed that we need a brand like One Plus and a smartphone like One Plus One would be a breath of fresh air for all those tired with the strategies displayed by the large companies.


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