Nvidia Shield Tablet vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Samsung have always tried to offer a different user experience with their Android customization and in the end you have people who really love Touch Wiz and the extra functions, and of course people who utterly hate it because of the aded lag. I for one am a fan of some basic features (swipe right for calling, left for SMS for instance) but I am not such a big fan of the S-Pen or other “life changing” functions (what’s up with the gesture control Samsung? It didn’t quite catch up?)

Of course, Galaxy Note 4 is a fast phone with lots of extra apps and functions installed, but I for one did not appreciate so much the fact that Romania was not on the list of countries in the Smart Remote application, but Andorra, Antigua or Aruba were. I find this a lack of respect and I wish this issue will be addressed in the future.


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    1. no comparision about stylus?


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