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Oculus VR

Of course, Oculus VR is not an Nvidia technology, but it is a technology of the future for PC Gaming and Virtual Reality so Nvidia is working close with them in order to assure a smooth experience. Personally I didn’t want to try out Oculus in the first stages because I knew that in the beginning the technology will not be close to it’s real potential and I might be disappointed. And I had the right approach. Back in Nvidia’s Editors day I had the chance to try Eve Valkyrie and Unreal Engine 4 with GTX 980 and the second generation Oculus goggles and I was not disappointed.

The teams have been working together on a new technology called Asynchronous Warp, that pre-prepares a frame when you are going to look in that direction, thus reducing the latency in such a way that the whole experience feels more realistic. Both Eve Valkyrie and Unreal Engine 4 demos look impressive with Oculus and I was quite impressed with the UE4 one honestly speaking, because you really get the feeling that you are there. And that’s what VR is all about! I am eager to see how this technology will evolve, together with the upcoming DX12 in Unreal Engine 4.





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