NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Review – GIGABYTE G1 Gaming

Final thoughts


Well this is one article where the conclusion is pretty simple to reach. We have a new, more efficient architecture that is implemented in a product which takes quite a lot less power then it’s predecessor, has similar temperatures and noise levels, but in many cases has a better performance, and all that with a lower price. The recommended price for GTX 980 is 549 USD, the recommended price for GTX 970 is 329 USD and for the moment, until GTX 960 arrives, GTX 760 will be priced at 219 USD.

The Kepler GTX 780 Ti, GTX 780 and GTX 770 monsters will be discontinued effective right now, so if you didn’t buy any until now, you could get a GTX 980 right now, or wait for some bigger GM210 version. Financially speaking it does not make that much sense to switch from a GTX 780Ti to a GTX 980 right now – remember guys, CPU’s, GPU’s or smartphones, always skip one generation if you really want to get your money’s worth.

Whichever you prefer, one thing is pretty clear – Maxwell is much more effective then anything built so far and bigger (as well as smaller) versions are sure to come at one point or another. The price is also fair for what we get so there is almost nothing we can complain when it comes to this launch.

I would like to point out however that GIGABYTE GTX 980, besides having a better performance due to the higher clocks, also has a more solid PCB and I would like to see that on future Nvidia reference design cards. And if we talk about GIGABYTE, I must say that besides the great performance, there is also the advantage of lower temperatures and noise levels, so even the more perfectionist consumers can find something suitable for their taste. If you ask me, the GTX 980 is a good example of a launch done right.

Well, I hope you liked our journey through the exciting world of GTX 980, and if you didn’t take a look yet, be sure to check out Nvidia’s GAME24 event – there will be some cool announcements there ans also the chance to win some awesome prizes!


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