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Our readers are very well aware that every new GPU launch also brings tons of new technologies, things that each company tries to transform intro a personal advantage. And being a serious website, result and performance oriented, we don’t pay much attention to the marketing gimmicks. However, we always give you inside regarding the new tech, because sometimes the new technologies do have an impact. This is the case today, so I will briefly take you through some concepts like G-Sync, Dynamic Super Resolution, MFAA and VXGI.

Of course, G-Sync needs no more introduction, since my colleague Matei presented the technology one year ago after attending the Montreal conference where it was introduced. I just wanted to stress out that G-Sync is really a technology that improves the gaming performance, and it does so without affecting performance. With G-Sync, you can finally say good-bye to tearing and stuttering, and a new smooth gaming experience can be attained because of the framerate synchronization between the frames rendered by the GPU and the frames shown by the monitor. Of course, at the moment there are two trade-offs – it is Nvidia proprietary and the monitors can get pretty expensive, at least in the case of high-end models like the 4K, G-Sync Acer XB280HK. However, a 1080p G-Sync monitor is not that expensive and can really help improve you gaming experience.

Dynamic Super Resolution

Unlike G-Sync, which you already know, DSR is a new concept introduced with Maxwell and it addresses image quality in a different way. Taking advantage of the enormous extra processing power we have already seen on the likes of GTX 780Ti, DSR renders the image in 4K (3840×2160) then down scales it to 1080p and applies a 13 tap Gaussian filter. One could think that this is just another gimmick to make yo use that GPU more then you should, but in reality, DSR does bring some improvements in certain scenarios, like rendering grass. Why do I say that?

Well, take a look at the scene bellow. Because there are not enough samples to correctly render each piece of grass in 1080p, when you move around it will have an annoying flicker like feeling, because each individual grass will appear or not accordingly to the number of samples that intersect the place where the piece of grass should be. If you render the scene in 4K, then you will have much more samples, so each individual grass will be rendered more close to reality even when you down scale to 1080p. The resolution is called 3840×2160 DSR and it can be set using the game menu or GeForce Experience.






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