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… but not before we talk about GeForce for a bit. I know, I am such a tease. He, he, he… What is it there to talk about GeForce, you would ask, we all know GeForce. Yes, of course we all know GeForce, I think it is one of the best known brands to tech enthusiasts along with the likes of Pentium, Windows, Google or iPhone. And you know I am right, GeForce is a strong name that is synonym with graphics processing, powerful video cards and PC Gaming in general. And I think that is something to appreciate because it is not that easy to turn a product, a brand or an idea into something that all those even slightly interested in an area will instantly recognize and associate with a desirable product.

Maybe you don’t realize it, because you are hard-core enthusiasts, but when you say “Pentium” to a less informed person looking for a PC, they will still consider that to be the best because of the huge brand that Pentium is to people. The same thing happens to GeForce… It literally does not matter if we talk about GT 440 or GTX 780 Ti… It’s GeForce, so it must be good! Why am I addressing this issue in this review, if all of us hard-core tech gurus know it already? Because I think it means something. And because I think that it tells us something about the company behind the brand and the people behind the company. And I think that these are aspects that matter now, more then ever, because we are literally sitting at a crossroad for PC Gaming, PC’s and technology in general.

No, no, I am not with that scared bunch that dooms our beloved PC… I know that when it comes to technology, most of the time you have parallel evolutions or synergies. Parallel evolution means that PC Gaming and console gaming have been evolving together since the 70s and everything is fine and dandy, with consoles hogging the AAA titles and the PC dominating the eSports arena. Synergy means that many times I have heard that laptops will kill desktop PC’s and tablets will kill laptops. And there we are now, happily using desktops and laptops and tablets. And all of those above mentioned segments grew in the last few years, except the “399” desktop which honestly I am happy is slowly fading away, for obvious reasons.

In the last 20 years we have seen many revolutions (the internet, the smartphone, etc) and our lives have changed completely, from the way we work to the way we interact or relax. And all of that was possible because of all these new technologies, materialized in the form of hardware or software breakthroughs. But one can only wonder… was this it? Are we to expect a period of refinement of existing technologies and no more revolutions in the near future? Well, knowing how the business works I would say no. Because the people behind the brands know very well that they have to keep innovating. They know the success equation is constantly changing and that there will always be someone there to come with the next revolutionary thing, if they don’t do it first.

And I think that the folks at Nvidia are very well aware of that, so in the last years the company has embarked on a trip where building high-end GPU’s is not the only goal, and offering graphics performance and quality is not the only mission for the company. That is why we had seen graphics processing, that is why we have seen Nvidia powered mobile devices, that is why we have seen Nvidia portable consoles and Tegra powered cars. There is something more to Nvidia than just building graphic cards and I think that has become pretty obvious in the last years. So every move the Santa Clara giant does, must be looked at keeping that in mind. And yes, today we will be looking at a new GPU launch, but also at some new technologies and features. And this new GPU, and these new technology and features may be a part of some greater ecosystem at one point…



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