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Computex 2014 – Western Digital unveils 4TB SATA Express hybrid drive

Although SATA Express standard is already implemented in Intel’s Z97 chipset and available on the market in most high-end motherboards, the drives compatible with this standard are not available yet. The SATA Express standard can deliver up to 1GB/s by using 2x PCI-Express 2.0 lanes, in comparison to just 600MB/s possible with SATA 3. Western Digital was the first manufacturer to show a working sample […]

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Computex 2014 – Seasonic showcases their top of the line XP3 platform

At the beginning of this year, Seasonic launched their most advanced platform dedicated to the most high-end PSUs, the XP3. The first model incorporating this new platform was the 1200W 80PLUS Platinum SS-1200XP3 flagship PSU. Later this year, their Gold certified X-Series was also switched to the new XP3 platform, the results being the SS-1050XM2 and the SS-1250XM2. These models were the main focus on […]

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Computex 2014 – GIGABYTE is preparing Black Edition VGA

By now you all know GIGABYTE’s Black Edition motherboard line, the products by which GIGABYTE wants to show their commitment into bringing really ultra durable products to the market. All Black Edition motherboards are tested for 168 hours in GIGABYTE’s facility in Nanping, to assure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Today I had the opportunity to visit the factory again (I will tell you […]

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Computex 2014 – Enermax showcases Liqmax II & Ostrog Adv

As always the booth of our friends from Enermax is very spectacular, firstly because of the modded ThormaxGT case which is very imposing. Secondly we have a BTC / LTC mining system in which a single Platimax 1350W can run flawlessly four Radeon R9 290X at full LOAD. This is not something hard to believe because we tested Platimax 1350W up to 1800W perfectly stable. […]

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Computex 2014 – FSP shows Aurum PT & DYNA series of PSU

Taiwanese power supply manufacturer FSP Group, showcased two of its upcoming PSU lines together with a couple of power banksĀ and a very interesting wireless charger. Aurum PT is an evolution of the Aurum PRO, the new model being now 80PLUS Platinum certified and full modular. The power range (850W, 1000W and 1200W) and the rest of the features remain the same: 135mm HDB fan, single […]

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Computex 2014 – Cougar unveils new gaming gear: 700M & 700K

Although Cougar is known best for their PSU and cases, the company decided some time ago to enter also the gaming peripherals market. Their latest innovations in this segment were the major focus inside their booth at Computex 2014 which is taking place right now in Taiwan. We have the highly adjustable Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse with features like 8200DPI Laser Sensor, 32-bit ARM processor, […]

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Computex 2014 – Antec shows P380 case & EDGE Series PSU

Antec is a very well known and respected brand, mostly for their high-end PSU and cases, so they couldn’t miss the biggest IT&C fair here at Computex 2014. For this special occasion they prepared a new line of power supplies bearing the EDGE signature. As the name also suggest, the PSUs from this line are built with the best components, the enclosure has de-coupling material […]

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Computex 2014 – ADATA shows 2TB PCI-E SSD and DDR4 memory

Be it CeBIT or Computex ADATA always has a nice colorful stand with lots of new products. This year the strategy was the same, so ADATA was the first company to show us DDR4 memory on a working platform. Of course, at this points the timings are nothing to get excited about (DDR4 2750 14-14-14-36) but this was the case with any new memory standard […]

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Computex 2014 – Intel Devil’s Canyon

I think that Devil’s Canyon is not coming as a surprise for anybody, after all we were all waiting for the K models of the Haswell refresh series. Of course, Intel had a nice demo system at their stand, showing a Core i7 4790K running stable at 4.8GHz watercooled. To sum it up, Intel Core i7 4790K, code name Devil’s Canyon, is a Haswell core […]

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