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Computex 2014 – ASUS unveils ARES III, Maximus VII Formula, Crossblade Ranger & Sabranco

ASUS started Computex 2014 by announcing a bunch of enthusiast oriented products, most of them from to the Republic of Gamers line. The most impressive product present here is for sure the massive ARES III dual-GPU video card. This is practically a redesigned Radeon R9 295X2, watercooled by a hand made EK waterblock and with slightly higher GPU clocks (1030MHz vs the reference 1018MHz). As […]

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Computex 2014 – Biostar shows iDEQ-T1 miniPC and a BitCoin mining machine

Biostar is one of the manufacturers who always has a booth in Computex and CeBit, even if most motherboard manufacturers abandoned CeBit lately. This year they came to Computex with a new mini PC, based on an Intel Bay-Trail Celeron. The iDEQ-T1 mini PC comes in a router like form factor and it has a J1800 Intel Celeron dual-core inside. Besides the living-room mini PC, […]

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Computex 2014 – ECS shows LIVA mini PC and new L337 series motherboards

As always, ECS had a nice colored stand at Computex 2014, and they showed a few interesting new additions to their line-up. First of all, I am pleased to announce that ECS finally gave up the golden colored scheme they used for previous gaming motherboards. Now, their L337 series motherboards have a dark, elegant look. The three models are Z97-Machine (the flagship of the L337 […]

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Computex 2014 – MSI shows USB 3.1 & X99 motherboards

This year’s Computex was all about DDR4 and PCI-E SSD’s, and of course MSI showed us their first DDR4 motherboard, a prototype of an upcoming X99 MSI motherboard. The motherboard has 8 DDR4 slots, 12 USB 3.0 ports and M2 & S-ATA Express connectivity. However, MSI didn’t settled with this so they also showed something never seen before, and that is an USB 3.1 motherboard. […]

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Computex 2014 – Akasa Pascal, waterproof case for Intel NUC

We can all remember the excellent high-end Eclipse and Mirage cases from Akasa, but the times are changing and the taiwanese company changed their focus. Beside cables and accessories, the most important products for Akasa are the compact fanless cases for mITX motherboards or for Intel NUC. Most of them include also a power adapter, being extremely useful for daily-use activities, business and education environments. […]

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Computex 2014 – High Power showcased 1500W Astro GD and Wi-Fi enabled Astro PT

The new trend in PSU developing seems to be the switch to digital VRM and incorporating a micro-controller for advanced monitoring. Taiwanese manufacturer High Power went a step forward and equipped its Astro PT digital PSU also with Wi-Fi capability. This allows users to use an external device such as a notebook or tablet to monitor the PSU’s parameters, useful feature especially when the main […]

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Computex 2014 – Team Group shows DDR4 and M.2 SSD

Well known memory and flash manufacturer Team Group couldn’t miss this year Computex, especially as the DDR4 and M.2 era is just beginning. At their booth we could find DDR4 modules for both desktop and server use but unfortunately just 2133MHz CL15 reference versions. We could also see showcased the entire DDR3 line-up we already know: Dark, Vulcan, Xtreem and Zeus. As M.2 SSDs represents […]

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Computex 2014 – Superflower unveils Leadex Titanium 1600W and Leadex Platinum 2000W

Superflower is a PSU manufacturer which managed to become one of the top players in a very short time, mostly to their excellent electronics. The Leadex series managed to get positive reviews everywhere in the world, so it shouldn’t surprise you that Superflower managed to produce the first 80PLUS Titanium PSU, the Leadex Titanium 600W. We saw some prototypes of this PSU last year at […]

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Computex 2014 – Plextor showcases M6 Pro and M6e SSDs

This year at CES Plextor announced the refresh of their entire SSD line-up, in the form of the M6 series models. The high-end model is the M6 Pro which is very similar to the model it replaces (M5 Pro), basically we get the same┬áMarvell 88SS9187 controller and slightly higher IOPS due to improved firmware optimization and Toshiba A19nm NAND memory. Plextor M6 Pro will be […]

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