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Computex 2014 – Apacer shows DDR4 kits and PCI-E SSD

The boys from Apacer really came prepared to Computex this year and we could see a lot of new products in their booth. We saw two different DDR4 kits, namely a 32GB DDR4 2400 kit and also Apacer Lethal Kukhuri DDR4 2400 32GB kit. We also saw a lot of new DDR3 models – DDR3 2933 Thunderbird series, DDR3 3300 Ares and DDR3 3450 Thunderbird. […]

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Computex 2014 – GIGABYTE Overclocking – G Power VRM

GIGABYTE’s commitment to overclocking is no secret – the company has a special motherboard series for this purpose and they also use to organize one of the biggest overclocking competitions in the world – GOOC. This year GIGABYTE went a bit further and had a special place in their booth for some overclocking tools. Of course, we are not interested in the CPU pot or […]

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Computex 2014 – PanRam shows DDR4 & Waterproof mechanical gaming keyboard

PanRam is a memory manufacturer who usually sells in the Asia Pacific region. This year they came to Computex with a full line-up of memory kits, but the most interesting ones were the DDR4 Ninja-V models. We couldn’t find any specs yet but it is good to see that even the smaller manufacturers are preparing for the DDR4 invasion. Another thing PanRam is manufacturing right […]

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Computex 2014 – Colorful iGame series, Z97 Battle Flag & Z97 Ymir

Colorful is a manufacturer from China that only sells in asian markets. They mainly make motherboards and VGA and we have seen them a few times before at CeBIT and Computex. This year they showcased their iGame VGA series, and the iGame770 Ymir U, iGame770 Ymir Top, iGame780 Buri Liquid and iGame780Ti Kudan got our attention (especially the water cooled GTX 780). Of course, it […]

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Computex 2014 – GIGABYTE Brix NAS

GIGABYTE Brix is a well known and successful Intel NUC series, maybe also because of the fact that GIGABYTE tried all sorts of extra functions and form factors. Of course, you have the standard Brix flavors, but besides that we could see Brix Projector (a Brix that also includes a projector), Brix Pro (a Brix version with Iris Pro graphics for gamers) and so on. […]

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Computex 2014 – Lian Li showcase DK-01X & DK-02X desk chassis

This year at Computex, high-end case manufacturer Lian Li finally showcased the final version of long awaited DK-01X and DK-02X desk chassis. For $989 you can get the single-system DK-01X with support for HTPX and smaller motherboard formats with 10 SSD / HDD’s in removable drive bays. For 200$ more you can get the DK-02X with support for another mini-ITX based system inside, with total support for 17 SSD […]

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Computex 2014 – ASRock shows X99 Extreme4 & X99 Extreme6

ASRock was one of the very few manufacturers showing future Haswell-E motherboards based on Intel X99 chipset. In their booth we saw two models from their future line-up, the X99 Extreme6 and the X99 Extreme4, just enough to give you a glimpse at what you can expect later this year. Replacing Ivy-Bridge-E, Haswell-E will be Intel’s future enthusiast / workstation platform with a core count […]

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