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Computex 2014 – ID Cooling shows fully fanless mini ITX system

ID Cooling was announced at Computex 2013 as a new brand created by experienced engineers that used to work with other cooling manufacturers in the past. At Computex 2014 we could see a whole line of products, some final and some prototypes. We saw a new AIO water cooling solution, a couple of impressive twin tower coolers and a very interesting VGA cooler. The most […]

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Computex 2014 – Silverstone shows new fans, PSU’s and cases

Our friends from Silverstone came with a whole army of products to Computex, and they had everything there from fans and AIO watercoolers to power supplies and cases. We could see a whole new lineup of quite optimized fans, some with normal profile, some with a slim 12mm profile to better fit with some cases or on some radiators. We could also see 3 Tundra […]

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Computex 2014 – Tesoro

Tesoro is a new company (founded in 2011 in USA), with quite a few interesting products at Computex 2014. Their featured product was the Tizona Elite G2NFL keyboard with 80% mechanical keyboard with full color LED and a detachable Tizona Elite Numpads G2NFLP which is the “world first full color programmable mechanical numerical pads” according to its producers. Next we could see the mechanical keyboard […]

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Computex 2014 – TTeSports

TTeSports is a Termaltake brand (a hardware producer well known for its cases and power supplies), dedicated to the gaming industry. On their booth we could see the Cronos headset with a retractable microphone, the latest Challenger keyboard with membrane keys (and lots of macro, M function and multimedia keys – including a jog key for volume). Also, there were the Poseidon Z mechanical keyboard, […]

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Computex 2014 – Roccat TYON

We continue the gaming peripherals news with the new TYON mouse from Roccat. Of course, Roccat had more products on display but those were only minor iteration of products already available on the market, like the Roccat Kone Pure. However it’s nice to see the new colors (gray aka Naval Storm and brown – Camo Charge). As I said earlier, at Computex 2014 the main […]

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Computex 2014 – A4Tech Bloody

At Computex 2014 we also had the change to see the booths of some of the most well know peripherals producers. We start the news with Bloody, an A4Tech brand created for their gaming peripherals. A few months ago I had the chance to review the Bloody A7 gaming mouse and my conclusion was that the performance – price ratio was great. I’m glad to […]

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Computex 2014 – SpareOne Plus

SpareOne is another brand from the XPAL Power family, and it mostly focuses on one product – the emergency phone. SpareOne was launched a few years ago, and it has just received an upgrade through SpareOne Plus. We are talking about a phone specially made for extreme conditions and life threatening situations. The SpareOne Plus is a mobile phone that can operate using a single […]

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Computex 2014 – PowerSkin POP’n, Galaxy S5 waterproof battery case and QuickCharge 2.0

XPAL Power is a subsidiary of TennRich International, operating from California, USA. This company has two brands (PowerSkin and SpareOne) and also work with Energizer under a license. PowerSkin is the brand that offers battery cases for various phone manufacturers, but also external batteries that can be used with most of the phones available on the market. At Computex 2014, PowerSkin showed a few interesting […]

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Computex 2014 – Minfort min16 & min16plus speakers

As you can assume there ware a lot of asian manufacturers that we never heard before present at Computex 2014 show. We will not make a report on each of them, but there are some with very interesting products that worth making them popular to the european people. Minfort is a taiwanese company focused on developing high-end PC speakers, handmade in Taiwan with local but […]

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Computex 2014 – BitFenix shows Atlas, Aegis & Pandora cases

BitFenix produces some of the most beautiful and ergonomically designed cases on the market, past models like Colossus, Survivor and Prodigy support this statement. This year at Computex, BitFenix didn’t let us down and showcased some new and very interesting cases. BitFenix Atlas is designed for the extreme enthusiasts crowd as it can fit any hardware you can think of together with a serious watercooling […]

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