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MobileLite G2 is a much more polished product then the first generation we have tested six months ago. We know it sounds like a truism, but this is not always the case – there are devices that have similar or worse performance than their previous counter parts. I might be wrong when I say that MobileLite G2 is a reiteration of the first MobileLite since on Kingston’s website both products are listed as available, side by side, so it might be possible that both are sold in parallel, although we don’t see the benefit for consumers.

G2 is undoubtedly better than the first MobileLite, it has a 2.5x bigger battery and offers a battery life of up to 14 hours if used as a WiFi router. As a side note, I have also tested the scenario where I charged the iPhone 5 from 0% to 98%, after which I was able to continue to use MobileLite G2 as a WiFi router for 8 more hours before its battery drained to 0%. Another added bonus, unlike the first MobileLite, G2 also has an ethernet port.

The speed of the WiFi network when we were transferring files from the MobileLite G2 (regardless if we were transferring from Internet or the storage medium – USB pendrive or micro-SD card) is quite slow, reaching an average of 3 MB/s, and when the distance between the MobileLite G2 and the mobile devices it is connected to increases, the transfer speed will decrease.

Even so, MobileLite Wireless G2 offers quite a lot at a decent price – around 43-45 Euro on Amazon.

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    1. Hi, I just received my Mobilelite G2 today. It is charging now for 12hrs or so (unit is switched off) and the app says that is is still around 75%. USB charger is good for 2 Amps… so there should be enough current. Did you experienced a similar behaviour? How long does it take to charge this thing to 100% when switched off? Mine has Firmware 2.00.3.

    2. First time you should leave it overnight. If it does not charge any further, use it and drain it and try charging it again. If you still have problems take it to the service.

      1. Thats what I did. Now it will be replaced by Amazon. I am sure the next unit will perform better.

    3. Well, as long as it will be replaced I am sure everything will be ok.


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