IDF 2014 – Intel Core M: architecture, performance, 2-in-1 designs



To get a taste of the performance the little Core M can offer, we took a spin on a reference model made by Intel which weights only 684 grams and the CPU is configured for 6W TDP. Weighting just the PCB holding the SoC and all the other components inside the tablet we get just 35 grams…

The Core M 5Y70 processor is the fastest model inside the Core M family running at a base frequency of 1.3GHz when all cores are used and up to 2.6GHz when just one core is loaded. The integrated GPU is Intel HD 5300 (GT2) running up to 850MHz, this being the reason behind the stunning 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited performance: 50327.

The CPU performance was measured with the highly multithreaded Cinebench R11.5 which got us a score of 2.6 which is very impressive for such a low TDP solution (for example Baytrail-M got a score of 1.5 while consuming about the same amount of power). The last test is Sun Spider 1.0.2 which measures browsing performance and the performance is the best seen yet on a tablet: 111 ms.




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