IDF 2014 – Gigabyte introduces X99 SOC Force LN2

As you may already know, GIGABYTE has two flavours of their SOC Force motherboards, the regular model and a LN2 optimized variant. Taking advantage of all the media attending this years IDF in San Francisco, GIGABYTE announced the latest addition in their X99 line-up, the X99 SOC Force LN2.

As you may already seen some photos of this motherboard before, we come with some really interesting news regarding the pricing and also about the gains you may expect from this LN2 optimized model.

Although it has fewer DDR4 and you may expect a cheaper price, actually this board has a more massive cooling system and also is equipped with the LGA2084 socket (identical to the ASUS’s OC Socket). This makes the X99 SOC Force LN2 more expensive to produce than the normal version, but the good news is that now you also get cooler mounting holes.

Regarding frequency gains we can get about 100MHz more uncore frequency because of the new LGA2084 socket and also 100MHz more for the memory due to the DDR4 slots being very close to the CPU. Actually, using just one memory module the gain is even better, in house overclocker HiCookie showed a frequency of 3670MHz with the memory aircooled.









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