Haswell-E – Intel Core i7 5960X Review

Core i7 5960X – overclocking

The first thing I wanted to see was the maximum frequency I could get that can be used 24/7. As I didn’t had much time on my hands and I intend to analyze Haswell-E overclocking in a separate article, I runned just the 64 bit version of Cinebench R15.

With a voltage of 1.37v (the default voltage is 1.017v) I got 4480MHz in full stability conditions, temperatures increasing pretty much as it can be seen in the screenshot. The memory increased up to 3000MHz with the timings 15-15-15-30 1T while the uncore was set at 3860MHz. Keep in mind that these are very early results obtained in a very limited timeframe. That being said 8 cores / 16 threads running close to 4500MHz is not too shabby.


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