Haswell-E – Intel Core i7 5960X Review




In terms of temperature reached during use, the graphics above are purely orientative, because each Intel processors generation report temperatures differently. The temperatures that can be seen above are not representative for what a normal system can reach, inside a case. When talking about a poorly ventilated case we could see higher temperatures, whilst in the case of a properly ventilated case we could see lower temperatures. To measure the temperature I’ve used RealTemp 3.70 and I’ve recorded the temperature reached under LOAD, after a session of Prime 95 64bit, respectively Alien vs Predator, using the same settings as in the power consumption tests. Ambient temperature was maintained around 27 oC over the course of the tests and there were no other fans on the benching table besides the NH-U12P and the video card’s fan.
Oh well, we can spot improvements in the temperatures department as well. The generous size of the die coupled with the soldered IHS makes the Core i7 5960X able to reach very good temperatures, with 10 Celsius degrees lower than 4790K, which is a simpler design with 4 cores and thermal grease between the IHS and die. It reaches temperatures with 3-4 degrees lower than even his predecessor, Core i7 4960X. Very impressive, but now let’s see how we stand at the overclocking chapter….we have headroom or what? 🙂

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