GIGABYTE X99-SOC Force and X99-UD7 WiFi Preview

Packaging & bundle

The package follows the same design lines as the Z97 series and the bundle is also not that different. Inside the box we can find “classic” accessories like the user’s manual, the DVD with drivers, the I/O shield and the black S-ATA cables, but there are also more interesting things in there…

We have one SLI bridge and one CrossfireX bridge, one 4Way SLI connector and two different 3Way SLI connectors. One of them is a regular 3Way SLI connector, while the second is spaced like a 4Way connector so you can mount the third VGA card on the last PCI-E slot. We can also see some 8 pin PCI-E adapters, the small connectors for measuring the voltages straight from the motherboard and of course the OC Brace.





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