GIGABYTE X99-SOC Force and X99-UD7 WiFi Preview

Final thoughts

Well….how did you like the new GIGABYTE motherboards? Interesting enough? Well, the new CPU and new RAM is exciting enough, and GIGABYTE put in some interesting features on their motherboards, and of course there are some features that I didn’t mentioned, like the new design for the mounting holes (more space around them, so the risk of damaging a small part with the screwdriver is reduced) of the led lit I/O shield we can find on the UD7. Also, both motherboards have leds in the chipset heatsink.

But these are small features, compared to the fact that all the new technologies we have seen in the last year, like M2 or S-ATA Express are integrated on a new high-end platform, along with Thunderbolt, more PCI-E bandwidth and of course DDR4 and some new CPU monsters.

The new high-end platform is looking good and pretty soon you will be able to see all the performance numbers and of course prices. Also, there is another interesting thing to be seen once this new X99 platform is ready. Overclocking wise, GIGABYTE won the Z97 battle with the excellent Z97-SOC Force and Z97-SOC Force LN2. Will they be able to repeat the performance with X99? Will Asus strike back hard with Rampage V Extreme? What are MSI and Asrock up to? That is something that we will have to wait and see, but I am glad the the performance battle between the motherboard giants is on more then ever, because in the end this means more features and more performance for us!


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