GIGABYTE Nan-Ping Factory and Black Edition testing facility tour 2014

Black Edition

At the same floor with the SMT mounting, there is a very special testing facility called the Black Edition Testing Facility. Unlike regular motherboards, who go to the packaging department after QC, the Black Edition motherboards have to go through another testing process.

3000 motherboards enter the Black Edition Testing Facility each week, and they are tested non-stop for 168 hours (7 days) using 3DMark and BitCoin mining. Only after a motherboard has passed the non-stop 7 days stress test it is awarded the Black Edition certification and it is sent to the packaging department.

Unlike regular motherboards, the Black Edition motherboards come with 5 years warranty. Also, a little birdie told me that those who register their board on the Black Edition website will be included in a lucky draw, and 3 lucky guys will get to go to Taipei at the end of the year to visit the Black Edition Facility and see with their own eyes how this motherboards are tested.





Besides the photos, I asked our friends from OverclockingTV for a full video material so you can better understand what happens in the factory and how the Black Edition motherboards are tested.

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