GIGABYTE Nan-Ping Factory and Black Edition testing facility tour 2014

Manual assembly – DIP


You would imagine that when you make a motherboard you put the PCB and the components in a special automated line and one hour later a new motherboard pops out on the other end, right? In reality the process is much longer and complicated and it takes 5 days from the moment when a PCB is loaded in the first SMT machine up to the moment when it is packed and ready to deliver to customers.

Lots of people are involved in this process – if the mounting of the SMDs is automated, the mounting of the larger components (PCI slots, DDR slots, etc) is done manually, by an army of workers. After they mount the components on the PCB, the motherboard goes though an oven again and the components are soldered to the PCB. After that, the back of the motherboard is polished, so all residues are taken aside, a team of workers mounts the heatsinks and another team has a close look at the motherboards before they reach the quality check department.









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