GIGABYTE Nan-Ping Factory and Black Edition testing facility tour 2014

GIGABYTE Nan-Ping Factory


GIGABYTE Nan-ping factory is not a new topic for our romanian readers – we have been there for the first time in 2010 and we saw how a motherboard is born and all the stages that you need to go through in order to transform a PCB and a few components in a brand new motherboard. However, 4 years later we took the tour again, to see what has changed, to show the factory to our english readers and also to check out the new Black Edition testing facility.

There are 4 GIGABYTE factories in Asia, two of them in Taiwan and two of them in China. We visited the Nan-Ping factory, which has an area of 45000 square meters and over 1100 employees, being able to sustain the production of 250000 motherboards, 50000 graphic cards and 5000 server motherboards per month. However, I must state this from the very beginning, we are talking about an assembly line – the custom made PCBs and the components are turned into final products here, but they are manufactured by GIGABYTE’s suppliers (Foxconn for instance).

The factory has 8 floors, each with specific functions, and we visited the most important 3, namely the SMT, DIP and PCBA floors. Let us begin our tour with the SMT floor and see how a motherboard is made!





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