GIGABYTE GA-X99-Gaming G1 WiFi pictured

Back in Computex we saw quite a bunch of X99 prototypes from Asus, Asrock and MSI, but the boys from GIGABYTE had been pretty quiet about this subject. Well, one couldn’t assume that they didn’t have anything up their sleeve but probably the boys from GIGABYTE wanted to keep it a secret until the X99 launch would get close. Well, apparently that time is now, because we just received a photo of the upcoming GIGABYTE GA-X99-Gaming G1 WiFi.

Following the foot steps of GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-Gaming G1 WiFi, GIGABYTE GA-X99-Gaming G1 WiFi is packed with both gaming (fancy audio, LAN and WiFi chips) and overclocking (on-board buttons and debug led, measuring points, etc) features, probably aiming towards the top of the high-end segment.

I think it is safe to assume that a BK (Black Edition) version will also be available and I also think that we might be seeing some GA-X99-SOC Force soon, in the good tradition of GIGABYTE. Things are getting pretty interesting as Haswell-E launches gets closer and I am very curious how the line-up from the big manufacturers will look like, what new DDR4 kits will guys like Kingston and ADATA roll out and of course who will be the overclocking king on X99. I guess we will have to wait and see… but not for long…


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