GALAXY Geforce GTX 780 Ti HOF V2 – H2O and LN2 review

GALAXY Geforce GTX 780 Ti HOF V2

Geforce GTX 980 may be out on the market, beating the reference clocked GTX 780 Ti while consuming less power, but Galaxy had launched a spectacular card which deserves a complete review. Galaxy and KFA2 reunited under Galax, but this card was launched when the official name was still Galaxy so I will name the card as it’s written on the box.

The Galaxy Geforce GTX 780 Ti HOF V2 is actually the fastest commercially available VGA card based on the GTX 780 Ti GPU, comes with a specially waterblock from our friends from EK Waterblocks and it’s specially tweaked for LN2 overclocking. In today’s review we will test the performance of this videocard and compare it to the new GTX 980 and it will be an interesting battle as this GTX 780 Ti is highly overclocked right out-of-the-box. After that we will test the overclocking headroom on watercooling (H2O) but also on liquid nitrogen (LN2), the main goal of this videocard.


Although the GTX 780 Ti Hall Of Fame V2 was pretty late on the market, the VGA card is indeed a masterpiece for the power users and extreme overclockers. To run the a GPU so complex as the GK110 at 1202MHz straight out from the factory door, the Galaxy monster needs cherry-picked GPU as well as a very strong VRM coupled with a well tought PCB. As you will see, this card has them all, but can it beat the highly efficient Geforce GTX 980? Also, what is the headroom available? Read on and find out!


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    1. This is the last of the ‘Mohicans’… great review!

    2. superuser1982 wrote on:

      Glod review as always! I wonder If i put a custom Air cooler(arctic cooler) the card will run 24h safe temp!

    3. KLEAN_upguyZA wrote on:

      Yes you can run a air cooler… I have one it’s just silly thou… I got a generic air cooler from Galax with a waterblock…gpu works fine on either air I hit about 80 and water is sub 40 underload


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