GALAXY Geforce GTX 780 Ti HOF V2 – H2O and LN2 review

Under the hood





The waterblock is custom made by EK Waterblocks and is of the same excellent quality we are used to already. The base is made of solid copper but is covered with nickel to prevent oxidation. The top cover is mostly made from Acetal but in the VRM area the cover is made from nickel plated copper.

The VRM powering the GPU has 16 phases, each composed of polymer, ceramic and tantalum capacitors, a ferrite coil and a powerful 60 amp IR3550 integrated Driver MOS from International Rectifier driven by a CHL8318 controller produced by CHIL.

The VRM for GDDR5 memory has 2 phases  while the PLL VRM has one phase PU VRM, each phase being composed by 2 MOSFET transistors, polymer, ceramic and tantalum capacitors and a ferrite coil (on the back of the card). The coils are vertically aligned for space optimization, while the VGA card requires two PCI-Express 8-pin and one 6-pin power connectors for operation.




3 comments la: GALAXY Geforce GTX 780 Ti HOF V2 – H2O and LN2 review

    1. This is the last of the ‘Mohicans’… great review!

    2. superuser1982 wrote on:

      Glod review as always! I wonder If i put a custom Air cooler(arctic cooler) the card will run 24h safe temp!

    3. KLEAN_upguyZA wrote on:

      Yes you can run a air cooler… I have one it’s just silly thou… I got a generic air cooler from Galax with a waterblock…gpu works fine on either air I hit about 80 and water is sub 40 underload


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