GALAXY Geforce GTX 780 Ti HOF V2 – H2O and LN2 review

Overclocking using EK-SF3D Critical Point (LN2)

The card is very easy to bench under LN2, you don’t have to worry about anything other than the coldboot bug which is around -80 C. I flashed the XOC BIOS just to be sure I don’t get any coldslow or stupid low clock limit and used the HOF_NVVDD to set the required GPU and memory voltage. For setting the frequency in overclocking I used the latest version of MSI Afterburner.

At a set voltage of 1.55v (1.527v in LOAD) for the GPU I got 1772MHz for 3DMark 11 at a temperature of just -100 C (the memory was kept at 2050MHz not to limit the maximum frequency of the GPU). In the limited time and with little amounts of LN2 this is the maximum I could get, but with over -130 C and more than 1.6v this little gem will fly over 1800MHz for sure. No, the GPU is not “golden” but it gets excellent overclocking results anyway. With lower voltage and lower frequency I runned also 3DMark Fire Strike and Catzilla 720p for your reference.

EK-SF3D Critical Point is one of the best pots I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. It’s fast when you need it and slow when it has to hold the load. But even a pot so massive as the Critical Point cannot hold steady the GK110 at 1.55v with perfect contact. It’s extremely power hungry as you can expect from a 7.1 billion transistor chip…



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    1. This is the last of the ‘Mohicans’… great review!

    2. superuser1982 wrote on:

      Glod review as always! I wonder If i put a custom Air cooler(arctic cooler) the card will run 24h safe temp!

    3. KLEAN_upguyZA wrote on:

      Yes you can run a air cooler… I have one it’s just silly thou… I got a generic air cooler from Galax with a waterblock…gpu works fine on either air I hit about 80 and water is sub 40 underload


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