GALAXY Geforce GTX 780 Ti HOF V2 – H2O and LN2 review

EK-SF3D Critical Point – Mounting & LN2 preparation

I insulated the Critical Point VGA pot with adhesive 3mm neoprene tape and installed a K type thermal probe to proper monitor the temperature. To protect the card against condensation and moisture I used vaseline on the front and back of the VGA card. Also, because the VRM will overheat without any active cooling in the area I installed the heatsink that was bundled with the card and added a 140mm fan for increased airflow.

The thermal paste used was the one bundled with the pot, the Gelid GC-Extreme which is also the best TIM for subzero benching. The whole card was covered with towels resulting in over 2 hours of trouble free benching, after that I stopped because the LN2 ran out. Beside insulation the GALAXY Geforce GTX 780 Ti HOF V2 needs only that the user flips the 3 dip switch module on the back to the OFF position, deactivating the thermal shutdown and power limit.





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    1. This is the last of the ‘Mohicans’… great review!

    2. superuser1982 wrote on:

      Glod review as always! I wonder If i put a custom Air cooler(arctic cooler) the card will run 24h safe temp!

    3. KLEAN_upguyZA wrote on:

      Yes you can run a air cooler… I have one it’s just silly thou… I got a generic air cooler from Galax with a waterblock…gpu works fine on either air I hit about 80 and water is sub 40 underload


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