GALAXY GeForce GTX 750 Ti GC Review

Final thoughts

The GALAXY GeForce GTX 750 Ti GC could be purchased from the manufacturer’s website for 145$. The price tag set by Galaxy puts the card among the cheapest custom design GTX 750 Ti’s, cheaper than this you can find only reference based designs. The out-of-the-box frequencies are not very spectacular compared with other custom design boards from other manufacturers, but they are more than 100MHz over the NVIDIA reference.

The overclocking potential is very good, actually among the best I’ve seen for a Geforce GTX 750 Ti using stock voltage and cooling. Overall I can say that the custom implementation of Geforce GTX 750 Ti left me a good impression with solid built quality, oversized cooling and generous overclocking potential.

For my silent 24/7 system where I’m working and rarely start a game I would prefer the reference card because of its single-slot cooling and lack of PCI-Express 6-pin connect which makes airflow and cable routing much easier. On the other hand, for gaming and overclocking I would go with a custom implementation and Galaxy did a very good job at that.


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    1. How does it compare price and performance-wise to the 660 Ti? Also why the hell does the plastic shield extend so much beyond the pcb?


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