GALAXY GeForce GTX 750 Ti GC Review




The IDLE temperature stabilized at 26 degrees C, having complete silence on my desk because the fans were barely spinning. Because it’s one of the most demanding benchmarks for mainstream GPUs, we ran the Performance preset of 3DMark11 and measured again the temperature. The maximum temperature reached during the test was 52 degrees C (at this speed, the fans got noticeable but not annoying at all). The LOAD temperature is very good considering the factory overclocking but also compared to the reference board which climbed up to 65 degrees C.


We already talked about performance in our review from February,  so we will not return to this subject. Instead, the overclocking potential is what concerns us the most using MSI Afterburner for setting and monitoring. The Power Limit is set very low with all GTX 750 Ti BIOSes (38.5W) so we used Kepler Bios Tweaker 1.27 to up this limit to 65.5W.

The factory overclocking is a nice bonus, but we cannot be happy only with that. Finally, from a factory GPU clock of 1215MHz, I managed to get 1405MHz for the GPU and 1730MHz for the GDDR5 memory, a good gain considering that the voltages were kept at default and also the fan was on Auto.

Here, in the overclocking chapter we can see the fact that the cooler is oversized for the TDP of this GPU. Even running at 1405MHz the GPU was kept within 59 degrees C considering that the fans were set on Auto. The score was improved with 15.9%, a good performance increase for an already overclocked VGA card.


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    1. How does it compare price and performance-wise to the 660 Ti? Also why the hell does the plastic shield extend so much beyond the pcb?


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