GALAXY GeForce GTX 750 Ti GC Review

Under the hood

The cooler which fits the video card is pretty large for the 60W TDP of the GTX 750 Ti and consists of a solid aluminium base and fins. The radiator is equipped with 2 fans, again a little bit of overkill for this GPU. The massive cooler allows the fans to stay very quiet on Auto fan profile, even after extensive overclocking.


The PCB is completely redesigned by Galaxy, being larger and having improved signal layout compared to the reference model. The VRM has also been enhanced to allow high frequencies and additional overclocking headroom. The GPU VRM has 3 phases, each based on 3 discrete power MOSFETs.

The GDDR5 memory comes from Samsung, being a 0.33ns part if we look up the model number: K4G41325FC-HC03. This means the memory on this card is actually underclocked because the IC’s are certified for 6000MHz instead of the 5400MHz they are run at on the GALAXY GeForce GTX 750 Ti GC. The memory is powered by a VRM with one phase based on 2 discrete power MOSFETs.


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    1. How does it compare price and performance-wise to the 660 Ti? Also why the hell does the plastic shield extend so much beyond the pcb?


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