GALAXY GeForce GTX 750 Ti GC Review

Packaging & description




The graphic card comes in a small box, all the important features being printed on the front. In terms of accessories, the package is as basic as it can get: CD with drivers and XtremeTuner Plus utility, user manual and a PCI Express adapter 2 x MOLEX -> PCI-Express 6-pin. Regarding connectivity, we have one DVI-I port, one DVI-D port, one HDMI port and one DisplayPort.

As I said earlier, the card comes with increase out-of-the-box frequencies, but just for the GPU. So, we have about 100MHz higher frequency with the GPU running at a base clock of 1110MHz with Turbo Boost at 1189MHz while the reference model is running at 1020MHz (Turbo Boost at 1085MHz).

The cooler used is much larger than the stock one and also has dual-fans making the card dual-slot, making the VGA card much more aggressive looking than the single-slot / single-fan reference version. Another thing added to the Galaxy implementation for additional overclocking headroom is the PCI-Express 6-pin connector, missing from many other custom models.





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    1. How does it compare price and performance-wise to the 660 Ti? Also why the hell does the plastic shield extend so much beyond the pcb?


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