Futuremark and LAB501 Giveaway winners announced

A week ago we invited you to get into our first LAB501 weekly giveaway, where we offered a couple of 3DMark Advanced keys and one PCMark 8 Advanced key. We are happy to announce that we organized the lucky draw using, and we can now show you who the 3 lucky winners are!!! You can also watch the lucky draw recording in the YouTube link bellow.

The correct answers were:

1 – How much can you save (%) if you purchase 3DMark from Steam before June 30? – 60%
2 – What were the first names of the guys from Futuremark that visited the HWBot 10 Year Anniversary OC Gathering? – Pasi and Niilo

The 3 lucky guys that will go home with a Futuremark product key are:

-Oliver Vernon – 3DMark Advanced
-Imdadul Haque Munna – 3DMark Advanced
-stoleru – PCMark 8 Advanced

The keys will be emailed to the winners today.

We would like to thank Futuremark for their support, and also you, our readers, for entering our giveaway. And if you didn’t win, don’t worry – we already started our second giveaway and you can join and win an awesome prize from AIDA64!!! And remember – we are trying to bring you weekly giveaways (not just software but also hardware and peripherals) and the more of you join our giveaways, the bigger the prizes will be!!! Thank you and good luck!

7 comments la: Futuremark and LAB501 Giveaway winners announced

    1. Imdadul Haque Munna wrote on:

      Awesome !

    2. Monstru Post author wrote on:

      Did you get your email? 🙂

    3. Imdadul Haque Munna wrote on:

      Yup.just checked it !

    4. Monstru Post author wrote on:

      Well, congratulations and enjoy your prize!

    5. Thanks very much guys!

    6. Monstru Post author wrote on:

      Enjoy your prize!

    7. Lol gappo, it better be on the leocn account :))


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