Computex 2014 – Superflower unveils Leadex Titanium 1600W and Leadex Platinum 2000W

Superflower is a PSU manufacturer which managed to become one of the top players in a very short time, mostly to their excellent electronics. The Leadex series managed to get positive reviews everywhere in the world, so it shouldn’t surprise you that Superflower managed to produce the first 80PLUS Titanium PSU, the Leadex Titanium 600W.

We saw some prototypes of this PSU last year at CeBIT, but the big news is that the highest rated model in the Leadex Titanium series has a nominal power of 1600W. This model will be available on the market in a month or so and at the same time we will see the Leadex Gold and Leadex Platinum in a new 2000W flavour… yes, you read that right! 1600W at Titanium efficiency and 2000W at Platinum efficiency… just wow…






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