Computex 2014 – SpareOne Plus

SpareOne is another brand from the XPAL Power family, and it mostly focuses on one product – the emergency phone. SpareOne was launched a few years ago, and it has just received an upgrade through SpareOne Plus. We are talking about a phone specially made for extreme conditions and life threatening situations. The SpareOne Plus is a mobile phone that can operate using a single AA battery, and it can keep it’s charge for up to 15 years if it is not used.

Of course, we do not have an actual display and to many daily use function but we have a whole array of functions that can help you in a dangerous situation. The SpareOne Plus has IPX7 waterproof certification, so it is suitable for mountain climbers and surfers as well, and it can connect to any GSM network in the area to send out a 911/112/etc call for distress. It also has a torch function which can be set to SOS, a siren function so the saviors can get you you even when the visibility is low, and you can even use it as a regular phone due to it’s audible feedback function. And of course, it has a GPS tracker integrated so you can be easily located or you can easily locate your kids, for instance.

For a price of 59.99 USD, I think that this is the device that shouldn’t miss from you back-pack if you are an outdoor enthusiast, a mountain climber, snowboarder, dirt biker and so on. In the end, 60 USD can make the difference between a quick and clean rescue and a whole day search. And sometimes, that could be the difference between life and death.






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