Computex 2014 – Sanyo Denki shows some powerful fans

Maybe some of you guys are familiarized with Sanyo Denki – they are one of the biggest computer fan manufacturers in the world and also the company that makes some of the most powerful PC fans out there. For instance, our crazy colleague Poparamiro is using some Sanyo Denki monsters in order to be one of the best air cooling overclockers in the world. However, Sanyo Denki mostly manufacturers fans for servers and industrial grade machines so that is why they are not the first name you think about when you say PC fans.

Well, this year they had a very nice demo at Computex, where they showed just how powerful their SanAce 120HV model really is. They mounted a 1.7KG plate in an air tube, and then they started their fan. And what do you know, the SanAce 120HV can actually lift 1.7Kg of metal!!!



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