Computex 2014 – PowerSkin POP’n, Galaxy S5 waterproof battery case and QuickCharge 2.0

XPAL Power is a subsidiary of TennRich International, operating from California, USA. This company has two brands (PowerSkin and SpareOne) and also work with Energizer under a license. PowerSkin is the brand that offers battery cases for various phone manufacturers, but also external batteries that can be used with most of the phones available on the market.

At Computex 2014, PowerSkin showed a few interesting new products. The POP’n series is dedicated to all phones available on the market – we are talking about an external battery (a power bank if you wish), that attaches to your device with the help of suction cups and it connects thorough a flexible microUSB -> microUSB adapter. There are 2 versions available, one with 2000 mAh and one with 4000 mAh.




Another interesting product is the PS2801, a 2800 mAh power bank that can be used as a stand while you charge your phone. It also attaches to your phone using suction cups.



Of course, PowerSkin is one of the first manufacturers in the world to make battery cases for Android phones, so they also showed a battery case for Samsung Galaxy S5. This case has a 2200 mAh battery inside and it perfectly fits your Galaxy S5. More then that, it is waterproof just like the S5, so you can keep using your phone in the most difficult conditions if you wish.


The last big news from XPAL / PowerSkin is the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 certification recently attained by the company. Imagine using a battery case to charge your iPhone full in 30 minutes… This technology will first be available for the iPhone 5/5s PowerSkin models and then we will also see it implemented for Android users.



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