Computex 2014 – PanRam shows DDR4 & Waterproof mechanical gaming keyboard

PanRam is a memory manufacturer who usually sells in the Asia Pacific region. This year they came to Computex with a full line-up of memory kits, but the most interesting ones were the DDR4 Ninja-V models. We couldn’t find any specs yet but it is good to see that even the smaller manufacturers are preparing for the DDR4 invasion.

Another thing PanRam is manufacturing right now are gaming peripherals – we could see keyboards, mice and mousepads in their stand. But more interesting was the waterproof mechanical gaming keyboard available in 4 different colors. The keyboard seemed pretty sturdy to me, the keys had a nice touch, and the waterproofing part can be a big plus for those sloppy gamers who spill their coke glass on their desk pretty often.







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