Computex 2014 – Lian Li showcase DK-01X & DK-02X desk chassis

This year at Computex, high-end case manufacturer Lian Li finally showcased the final version of long awaited DK-01X and DK-02X desk chassis. For $989 you can get the single-system DK-01X with support for HTPX and smaller motherboard formats with 10 SSD / HDD’s in removable drive bays. For 200$ more you can get the DK-02X with support for another mini-ITX based system inside, with total support for 17 SSD / HDD’s. Both models include support for side-mounted 360mm radiators, a bracket for a front-facing radiator, CPU coolers up to 180mm in height, PSU up to 280mm in length and VGA cards up to 410mm in length.




Although we know them from CeBIT 2014, we also took pictures of the beautiful PC-Q36 and PC-V359 mITX and mATX cube cases. The aluminum construction, smoked acrylic ceiling, 240mm radiator support and sliding panels make them perfect even for using as a compact test platform.

If you prefer big and imposing, Lian Li has also something for you: their flagship ATX full-tower PC-V2130. The 9.8kg aluminum case has a brushed front door, anti-acoustic padding all around, XL-ATX motherboard support, five 5.25″ drive bays, eight 3.5″ bays, four 2.5″ bays on the back side of the cage and three 3.5″ bays behind the motherboard tray.







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